Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wrap on Father's Day

 Post By: Guest Blogger, Kiersten Washle
 Menu By: Janine Washle    

      Here's to fathers everywhere! As another Father's Day has come and gone it is nice to reflect back on all the beautiful memories we all have with our fathers. Dads have been around through it all, always there to give a bear hug or cross their arms wearing a crooked smile only a dad could properly deliver. At CloverFields Farm and Kitchen we decided what better way to celebrate dad than to make food from his era. The idea is to create a burger bar based on "Dad's Decade"; take the year dad was born in and make food that was popular in this decade.
        Here is a recap of how our Dad's Decade Burger Bar went...
We made a menu for the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's. 

WWII soldiers returned home to the suburbs and the backyard BBQ was born. The soldiers brought back the tastes of foreign lands including the Pacific. “Island-style” was popular not only in clothing, and décor, but in the kitchen too. These foreign flavors were “Americanized” for the citizen’s palates.
Hamburgers popularity grew, as well as, many variations such as stuffed burgers, pizza burgers, silver dollar burgers (the original slider) and strange combinations like penny burgers; hamburger mixed with wiener slices.
Convenience food introductions were at an all time high as the memories of war rations dimmed. These canned, packaged, frozen products made their way into a myriad of ‘50’s casseroles and dinner dishes.


*Pork Burgers, Island-Style
*Blue cheese stuffed celery
*Polynesian Casserole
Watermelon Boat
 Mini Milkshakes

Foreign lands were still influencing menus and the outdoor barbeque continued in popularity but menus were more complex. Foreign and ethnic influences were explored more widely as cooks stepped away from what they saw as conformist boring dishes of the 50’s. Soul food came out of the South and into the kitchens of other areas of the U.S. The tastes of the black South were as unique and interesting as any foreign flavors., but all of these influences were still being “Americanized”.

*Italian Burgers
*Lettuce wedge with Creamy Italian Dressing
*Italian Soda


*BBQ Chicken Burger
*Roasted Kale Chips
Sweet Potato Fries

New Southwest cuisine entered the scene, as well as, the Eat Local, Eat Seasonally movement via Alice Waters; however, the economic challenges of this decade influenced what people actually could afford to eat. “Eat what’s in the house” was the mantra of many.

*Southwest Burger
*Black Bean and Corn Salad
*Fresh Fries

Paul Prudhomme had a broiler problem one night at his popular New Orleans restaurant and everything was coming out blackened. The patrons loved it! He seized the opportunity and created a line of blackened seasonings. Cajun cuisine was the rage in this decade. Another culinary spectacle was the indulgent Turducken also invented in Louisiana. Every adventurous 80’s home cook, attempted this panoply of poultry. Even my mother tried it with success, except, the one time she forgot to remove the chickens’ and ducks’ legs which caused it to look like a 6-legged space creature.

*Turducken Burger
*Antipasti Pasta Salad
Curly Fries

*Blackened Fish Burger
Baked Potato Salad
Summer Slaw

Our Father's Day went great and we hope yours did too! If you want the recipes to give your father a feast appropriate for his decade just email!

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