Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Notes from the World's Longest Yard Sale

I'm heading towards the 127 Yard Sale,, starting tomorrow August 2nd through Sunday, August 5th. One never knows what will be found and there is always an unofficial "it" purchase that every vendor seems to have. One year it seemed that chamber pots were the "it" item, another year birdhouses, and another year, quilts reigned.
When attending an event like this it is best not have a specific item in mind but a loose idea of what you want to look for. If you are looking for vintage costume jewelry mimicking items found on the Titanic, good luck. You will drive yourself crazy and walk away disappointed. But, if you think costume jewelry, vintage or retro (familiarize yourself with these 2 terms), you will probably be in luck. This year I am generally thinking, bee stuff, quilts, and silverplate, oh, cookbooks too.
I will randomly post and maybe put up a video too; giving you an insider's glimpse of yard sale-ing in all of it's kitschy  glory!

For your enjoyment, a video from the 127 yard sale. This fellow is usually in the park behind the Cumberland General Store in Clark Range, Tennessee.

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