Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You're Never Too Done To Have A Little Fun

     By: Guest Blogger, Kiersten Washle

    Today I felt entirely drained after a long day at work, I was just done with the day. I thought a dinner composed of snack foods would be ideal. I wanted to grab a bag of chips and a soda and plop onto the oh-so-inviting sofa. I went to the pantry, feeling a little ashamed of the poor nutritional choice I was about to my hand reached out for the chips I remembered a fun fact I learned a little while back. Apparently we are most creative right after we wake up and right before we go to sleep. In my case, slumber was  most certainly imminent. With that in mind I decided to see what my sleepy mind and a few humble, healthier ingredients would warrant me. Instead of the college-esque meal I had previously had in mind I let my personal passion for art and interest in cooking combine to make me a not only more nutritious dinner, but also one that was so pretty I couldn't help but smile. It was nice to end the day on a good note with a full belly! 
     Happy eating to all of you! Hope this serves to remind you that you are never too done to have fun!
The Delicious Dinner 

Pasta a la stick! 

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