Sunday, August 5, 2012

127 Yard Sale Final Notes, and a Sarcastic Story

Like all good things, even mega yard sale-ing must end. The threat of major storms helped us make up our minds, we were heading home instead of sale-ing into Kentucky and then picking up I64W over to Martha Collins. So, we went I40 to 165 and it was dice-y several times with rain, thunder, and wicked lightning. Poor David in the 42' Kountry Star was trying hard to provide encouragement over our walkie talkies as I followed behind in our car. Yes, we RV'd it (forgive all the inappropriate verbs; it's late), and later this week after a tad bit of editing, I will post a video of a violin concerto in the RV.
If you ever decide to try RV-ing, go to our favorite place that we've rented from for over 7 years, in Whiteland, IN. Their units are luxurious, clean, and reasonable. We started with Class C rentals and have moved up to Class A Diesel Pushers--amazing! Plenty of storage room for all of our yard sale finds. Here's a picture of the unit we rented this year, it was the first time we used a gas engine, but when you make a spur-of-the-moment decision to rent, you can't be too choosy.
I wanted to share this funny story (insert big eye roll here) before I close these notes. David is very uncomfortable haggling. Now, this is the guy who can negotiate with the best of them, but when it comes to yard sales, flea markets, antique sales, nope, ain't gonna happen. His opinion is, "they've set up in _______ (insert weather condition), and are selling 'rock-bottom' (his phrase not mine) and the least I can do is preserve their dignity ("preserving is for fruit not people"; my phrase not his). Since Thursday, I have acted as the haggling coach to which he has repeated every phrase back with feigned confidence; "Is this your best price?", or "Would you take a little less for this?" Never never insult, cut down, laugh, or guffaw at an item no matter the condition. Walk away, walk away, walk away if the price isn't right or you feel confused, unsure, or indifferent.
So here's the story: We are in Clarkrange, TN in the park behind the Cumberland General Store looking for silverplate. He calls me over to a large tent that had some silverplate items. I found a small Reed & Barton tray for $4. He takes it and as he walks toward the dealers, I whisper, "Ask if that's the best they can do on the price." Imagine my humiliation when he turns around and says in his so-called library voice (anyone else's normal speaking voice), "Honey, IT'S $4". Me: "I KNOW, ask anyway". He (louder): "Come On, they've worked hard to put on a good yard sale the least we can do is pay them for their trouble!" I notice the two young  female dealers are following this exchange. I can't let it go, "Honey, this is part of it". He to them: "Okay, she wants me to haggle so will you take $3.99"? in his most sarcastic voice. At this point they are cooing and fawning all over him the two little redheads in their cute tight jeans and skimpy tops. "We sure wish more visitors were like you," as they pry the money out of his hand. They giggle and coo a bit more as they hand him the bag. "You come back and see us, okay?" At this point the humiliation has left me  and I am standing there just taking it in. "Are you happy?" I laugh. "Why, yes, yes I am" he replies strutting his way out of the tent.
YOU cannot teach an old dog new tricks! UNTIL he sees something he wants. He sees an item and I cannot bear to even leave the car. He runs back over after a few minutes of conversation, "I tried the haggling, wow, it really works!" Insert really big eye roll right here!
Good night, my king size bed with plush down comforter and heating blanket set on "High" is calling me.

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